The Business Stuff

The Numbers: I’m a spreadsheet geek. I know, I know, a marketing person who loves her numbers – seems kind of off, right? Not really.  I want to know what your most profitable product is, where we can make improvements and how much money you’re truly making after all is said and done. Am I a bookkeeper? No, nor can I replace one (I can recommend one though), but I do keep a high-level eye on numbers that are important to you so we know when something’s not quite right.

Organization: Yep – I’m talking SOPs and processes here. Do you have processes in place for your business to where if something happened to you or one of your main team members the business could continue with minimal interruption? Or are YOU your business? There’s nothing wrong with ensuring smooth operation in your biz without you- after all, everyone needs a vacation, no?

Brainstorming: Not only can I help with the day-to-day operations of your business – I’m a pretty exceptional brainstorming partner too, or so I’ve been told.  Whether it’s how to structure your new membership course to telling you to repurpose content into that membership course – pick my brain!

Analysis: Let’s find out where your traffic comes from, who’s your most loyal client (and how did we get them, and where can we get more), and how effective is your social media, really?

Best Practices: Continual learning and growing – implementing best practices and tweaking the ones that aren’t quite there yet.

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