Hiring Ericka has enabled me to go from working 60+ hours a week down to less than 5 hours a week. She manages my team, our clients and me! Ericka manages emergency technical issues with a calm demeanour and gets them resolved quickly. Thanks to her I could finally take a vacation and unplug from my business fully. This was previously unimaginable and so was my recent maternity leave! I consider Ericka my partner and go to her for advice about the business frequently. If it wasn’t for her I would be too stressed out to concentrate on my business or my family.

Sandra De Freitas

I call Ericka my technical wizard. She handles my web site and technical operations accurately and efficiently, and does it in a way that makes everything go smoothly. I can trust her to respond to client requests with friendliness and skill, and come up with ideas to improve my online presence. To top all this, she’s fun to work with. I highly recommend Ericka as a Virtual Assistant.

Fiona Moore

Since Ericka has been with our organization, the material we have produced has gotten a much more professional look to it. She is on top of the latest technology available and uses it to everyone’s advantage.

Mary-Clare Reynolds
Executive Director

Despite her longtime affinity for the Green Bay Packers (hey, no one’s perfect) Ericka represents a singularly unique combination of marketing intelligence, savvy, talent and drive. She is a true student of marketing–seems to genuinely love all the theoretical stuff that truly makes or breaks a truly resplendent campaign, effective website or integrated marketing initiative. What’s more, she possesses an infectious “can do” spirit and is a ridiculously well-organized professional–something never lost on we creatives when we’re looking to find our pens or our positioning! We’ve crossed paths since our days at the St. George Group, and her professional growth and personal development are a testament to her character, intellect and integrity. So it’s really, really, really okay that she’s a Packer fan. She gets it…and gets it done.

Danny Evans
Copywriter & Marketing Professional

I have worked with Ericka for about four years. She brought an enthusiastic approach and creative prospective as the marketing director for our regional account firm. She was instrumental in improving our proposal process, look and feel along with greater visibility and recognition of our firm in the community.

Edward Scherer, Partner
Horovitz, Rudoy & Roteman

Ericka is very professional, and has an excellent knowledge of managing events and tradeshows. She is able to find effective solutions at short notice and work with a large group of people to ensure success. Works well across time zones, and has a can-do attitude.

Jessie Paul

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