About Me

I’ve been many things in my life:

  • Daughter
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Mom
  • Counselor for at-risk Teenagers
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Wife
  • Marketing Manager
  • Account Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Online Business Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Freelancer
  • Friend
  • Retail Supervisor

I guess the point is, you name it, I’ve probably done it at one point in my life.  While this makes for a pretty impressive list of “stuff” I’ve been, it’s not really conducive to letting people know succinctly how I can help them.  I’m still struggling with this whole “message” thing, at least for myself, but in the meantime, my motive is pretty simple:  If you’re looking for help getting you or your business out into the online (and offline) world and get noticed, I’m probably your girl.  If you’re looking for a guide to getting your website up and functional, yep, that’s me too.  If you’re looking to streamline your business, bounce ideas off of someone and get a plan of action – I’m right here waiting.

Want to give it a shot?  Great, simply click here and schedule a quick 15-minute discovery chat with me to see how I can help and if I’m the solution you’ve been looking for.  Plain, simple and best of all – FREE! 🙂

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